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Sale of timber in producer prices
by LLC "Flor Decor Story»
The main specialization of our company is to sell lumber in Nizhny Novgorod and the region.
Strict quality control - the main priority of the company.Currently, lumber - is demanded product in the private and commercial construction.We offer a wide range of timber:timber, board, wall paneling and t.d.All of them pass the appropriate treatment, which is key to their longevity.Among the decorative timber beams has become increasingly popular.This is due to its unique technical and decorative features.The use of timber in private construction helps to implement the boldest design ideas.For example, a timber board is indispensable for decoration, precious timber used for decoration of interiors of old.High-quality, well-treated lumber can create a room atmosphere of comfort and coziness.People who appreciate the convenience and unique design, choose among the variety of sawn timber.This material is easy to use and visually appealing.
Our company also sells cut timber, m.e.lumber with edges opilennymi.One of the most popular products - edged board, which positions the 'sale of timber "has a leading position.Cut timber, as well as other lumber and wood products, manufactured from high quality raw materials using the latest generation of technology.One of the priorities of our company - exclusive use of modern equipment, so that is supported by consistently high quality of lumber.
Most firms specialize them - timber for sale, offer a modest range of products.Our company meets all the demands of the construction market by providing a sawn softwood and other wood products.Purchase of lumber at the present time involves the choice of wood, as well as the method of delivery of goods.Tree species is determined from the optimal price and quality.Lumber that combine practicality and relative cheapness:pine, spruce, etc..They are moderately hard and is much more amenable to treatment than such timber, oak, larch.Buying timber calls attention to the quality of production.Before you buy a timber, ask what equipment was involved in the production of.Our company guarantees to use only certified machines that meet all quality standards.
Selling timber is carried out in compliance with all requirements of product quality.Monitoring to ensure that the timber complies with all technical standards implemented at all stages of production.Purchase of sawn timber in large firms provide some assurance of high quality products.However, even large companies are not prepared to provide the best fit your price.The range of their products, usually includes cheap lumber, the price which they say is not in favor of quality products.For example, a timber board is simple to use, however, the presence of knots, wormholes may complicate its treatment, and thus increase the installation time.Lumber made from high quality raw materials using modern equipment, can be used in virtually any construction and finishing works.Buy lumber that meets the high standards - so opt for a certified product.Production of sawn timber in our company based on the use of modern technological solutions.We provide implementation of the following timber:timber, board, wall paneling, etc..To choose products and make buying timber can be turned to our staff.At your request, we provide high-quality lumber, the price of which is very competitive.Developed customer base - the best evidence of our success.
Sell timber - our profiling activity for several years.Realizing the timber in Nizhny Novgorod and the region, we guarantee high product quality and conformity to the strict.The accumulated experience allows you to expand network of partners and constantly improve the production of sawn timber directly.For items such as "buy lumber," "timber sale in the Nizhny Novgorod region and" our company occupies a leading position.Analyzing the current construction market, we are creating the conditions for mutually beneficial cooperation.Organizing the sale of lumber, we justify the expectations of our customers and we work with maximum focus on results.Experienced workers firms are willing to assist you in dealing with issues such as the purchase of lumber, the definition of product quality, development of optimal timber sale.Among the advantages of:flexible pricing, as well as a wide and constantly renewed range of products presented in the price of sawn.Being 10 years in the market of timber, we have developed an effective scheme of production, due to which have been leaders in the construction market.
Buy Timber in our company "Flor Decor Story" - so buy a quality product at a great price!

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