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Wooden beams, laminated veneer lumber, shaped beam


Today, building environmentally friendly houses from the tree ceases to be in fashion, and acquired the status of a reasonable investment of money not only in real estate, but in the future health of people living in a house.
Wooden architecture in Russia, keeps a lot of their secrets.And if the most simple structure was the log hut, you'll see later, technology has allowed to build the most complex wooden constructions.At the heart of the technology lay timber.Wooden beams - a log, stesannoe along all four sides so that it acquired the rectangular profile.
Bruce made it possible to speed up construction, greatly increase the thermal protection of the building, giving it greater strength.Today, timber building enjoys the high demand and credibly.
Studies of the mechanical properties of wood have shown that the round log and timber wood has a property of strength - it varies from the periphery to the center.This property formed the basis of a new technology that has transformed into a simple timber laminated board.After processing the slats are carefully urged on to each other and glued under pressure.The resulting laminated board has a strength higher than the ordinary beam is ten times!
But that's not all.Chain timber - Timber - timber made it possible to get a result laminated veneer lumber of any length and size of the profile.
, in turn, provided a unique opportunity to design and build wooden buildings of any shape and size.
Manufacturing technology of laminated veneer lumber and made a breakthrough in another direction.As you know, wood is hygroscopic.And the same one-piece wooden block can absorb moisture, and then give its.Since the process can not go the same way throughout the length of the rod, it is warping, bending.In addition, over time, the house made of solid wood undergoes a so-called shrinkage - the natural compaction.All this leads to unpleasant consequences in the form of buckling of wooden structures, forms of distortion.
Glued laminated timber in the process of testing has shown amazing results.Properly packed in the thick timber slats are multi-directional mechanical properties, which virtually eliminates warping it - no more than 1%.Dried to the required stage of timber planks before gluing them fit and eliminate the natural shrinkage.
Thus, the laminated board was almost an ideal material for construction and manufacture of doors, windows, furniture:no distortion, no shrinkage, any length and shape.
At home of wooden glued have a much better performance of thermal protection, rather than brick or otherwise, for noise reduction.They have physically feel comfortable, which, together with the natural color of wood structures in the home is beneficial to the psycho-physical condition of his tenants.
The next step in technology, structure of the tree was shaped beam.That is glued wooden beam is processed to make it in the context of a given profile.Shaped beam is widely used in the construction of a ready-made parts of it made the necessary lumber.
Corrugated timber found its widest application in the architecture of small forms, in decorative construction.
Method of receiving a part of is the basis for creating a variety of materials used in production today.This scantlings, widely used in the manufacture of modern environmental windows with double-glazed with clear advantages to PVC windows.Timber window does not require additional color, easy to manufacture and environmentally friendly.
Today, our company can offer consumers a sale Timber and timber variety of brands:brus100, brus200.New - rounded bar.In fact, it is cut into individual boards log oshlifovannye then glued under pressure and cylindered.The result is glued timber having a strength ten times higher than that of the timber from which it is made.Round bar is used today in the construction of small forms:baths, arbors, decorative plants.
We are always on sale bar rounded, brus100 and beam 200, scantlings, and other brands.For some, the cost of lumber can be a bit overpriced.But be aware that the shaped beam - this is not just a tree.This is a unique material created from natural ingredients, which has all the properties of wood, but with dozens of times and increased durability.In addition, the production of timber and includes a specially treated wood, and then she gets antignilostnye properties, she is not afraid of pests of wood.Wood after treatment will retain its color for decades.For example, made of wood, impregnated with special protective agents, an ordinary fence serve without external protection for over 50 years.
Cost of timber depends on the nature of the material from which it is made:of pine, larch or other species, the type of profile, its length, the degree of processing.
Today the words "buy a block" is already a conscious choice to use the most modern, environmentally friendly materials."Buy block" - this is the right decision in building.
And at the same time for us, the words "sell timber" is all a measure of responsibility for the supplied material is by us.Production of timber is in front of our eyes, we conclude contracts only with those for whom this work was a matter of honor, who loves the tree is able to open and maintain, ensuring loyalty and his good qualities:durability, environmental friendliness, cleanliness and warmth.Sale of timber is now under way across Russia a variety of companies.But for us, "I sell timber" - is not simply offer our customers.It is our understanding of their significance for building a shelter to get in the end comfort, rest, warmth and comfort.
We do not just guarantee quality, we do not just offer lumber and timber - we want to welcome you as a stranger leave as a buyer and good friends.

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